Q Collection

A Brief Walk-through

Q Collection Pte Ltd (Q) came into being through incorporation in Singapore on October 8, 2013.

The main intention is to take charge of promoters' ongoing business in Bangladesh - apparel making and exporting to retailers.

Bringing up and online retailing of Q's own brand is another remunerative goal of the biz.

The promoters are no revelation! Same team that steers SQ in Bangladesh, sits in the board of Q.

Singapore had to be the place, as the promoters nest in Singapore and are Singapore Permanent Residents. They are not visionless though! The island may not be ideal for a labour intensive assembly terminal, but is handy to settle upon as the base of regional businesses.

The key activities planned to be skippered by Q are banking, commerce, marketing, design development, sourcing and business unfolding initiatives within the region.


Q Retail